Kiln-dried logs for immediate delivery


Malvern – Worcester – Ledbury – Tewkesbury


Winter warmth from our seasoned hardwood

Four ways to buy logs:

Kiln-dried log nets

Pre-cut kiln-dried ash/oak as 25cm.(10”) logs, in 25 litre nets.
  • A premium product, kiln-dried logs with a moisture content under 22%. Each net contains approx. 14 logs.
  • These are for collection only for less than 25 nets. 25+ are delivered free. Clean and easy to handle in more restricted spaces. Net is pictured below.
  • One bag: £5.50 each
  • Five bags: £ 5.00 each, saves £2.50
  • 25 bags: £125, including delivery.

Air-dried bulk bags

Seasoned, air-dried, hardwood, 25cm. (10”) logs, in large bags.
  • Cheaper than kiln-dried, with a slightly higher moisture content, between 25 and 30%.
  • Mixed hardwoods, good proportion of ash usually. 0.75 cu m. large ‘builder’s bag’. Delivery included, usually within four working days.
  • One bag: £90.00
  • Two bags: £88.00 each, saves £4.00
  • Three bags: £86.00 each, saves £12.00
  • Four bags: £84.00 each, saves £24.00
  • Neat big bags, allowing air to circulate, preventing mold, ideal where delivery and storage is difficult. Using a crane, each bag is lifted into position.

Air-dried custom-cut

Seasoned, air-dried, logs bespoke-cut, in loose loads.
  • Mixed, seasoned, air-dried hardwood cut to your specified length (23cm/9” to 46cm/18”).
  • Available as loose loads only, delivered in a tipping trailer, usually within five working days.
  • Full trailer 2.0 cu metre (tipped): £210.00
  • Land Rover 1.0 cu metre (tipped): £105.00
  • This is the best-value option if you use a lot of logs, and can cope with tipped loose loads. Or, you you may have a particularly small or large burner. Orders may take a bit longer because we custom-cut especially for you.

NOTE, unlike most firewood merchants, we use the larger 90x90x90cm bags (0.75 cu.m) rather than 85x85x85cm bags (0.61cu.m), and are therefore over 20% larger. Our bags also feature weatherproof covers.


Danemoor Farm in Welland, near Malvern, has supplied properly seasoned logs and firewood for over a decade. We’ve large stocks of the best burning quality woods, and personally deliver in Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire.

Logs and firewood are delivered for free (except nets) within 15 miles of Welland, including Malvern, Upton-upon-Severn, Worcester, Ledbury, Tewkesbury, Pershore.

Do you live just outside our area and need three or more bags? Then we’ll deliver free of charge or a small surcharge of £10 or £15 may apply – but ask us for a quote.

Or orders can be collected, but please tell us in advance, so we’re not out delivering.

We aim to deliver stock sizes within four days, but please give us as much notice as possible. We get very busy at peak times.

Payment needs to made when we confirm your order, by debit or credit card (no card surcharges).



You can also order additional items like kindling, coal and gas at very competitive prices. We will deliver these items by themselves, subject to minimum £20 order, but only within five miles of Welland, i.e. locally. Bags of kindling, coal and gas may also be collected, but phone us first to make sure we’re not out delivering.

£5.00 per bag, £22.50 for five bags – pictured in the gallery above.

£7.50 – House coal Doubles 20kg bags.
£9.00 – House coal Trebles 20kg bags (large lumps).
£10.00 – House coal Smokeless Ovals 20kg bags.


We are distributors for FloGas. Note other suppliers ask for a cylinder deposit of £10 or more. We ask for no deposit.

Butane 13kg: £27.00, 7kg: £19.00, 4.5kg: £16.00

Propane 47kg: £69.00, 19kg: £30.00,
11kg: £25.00, 6kg: £17.50, 3.9kg: £15.00


Our delivery area shown by the red markers.






Much Marcle




Just outside our free area, and want three or four bags?
We can deliver to you too, see the details.

For rapid service, phone 01684 310905 or...

Our practical and attractive log store

You can keep your logs dry, stacked and convenient, with this wooden store made by a local craftsman from tannalised (weather-protected) softwood.

The store holds approximately 1.3 cubic metres of firewood and kindling, which is about a one and half big bags, or a single loose load delivery from us.

But note, logs and wood stores are delivered separately within our free delivery area.

  • 2.1m high x 1.0 m deep x 1.00m wide.
  • Price: £285 (VAT not applicable), inc. delivery and assembly.


Use this form to order logs and log stores for delivery.


We are very happy to answer any questions about our products. You can use the form below, or email, mail@burningfirewoodlogs.co.uk. Or contact us by phone if you wish, 01684 310905. We are always available. Feel free to call us evenings and weekends. We live at the office!

We are…
Ross and Emma Pushman, Danemoor Farm,
Welland, Malvern, Worcestershire WR13 6NL.
Telephone: 01684 310905
Mobile: 07815 110529